The Czech Touches of Music International Music Festival, Prague

Date and place of event: Prague, 16 December – 6 January

Contact: www.czechculture.czwww.ceskedotekyhudby.cz; E: czechculture@ceskedotekyhudby.cz


The festival is part of the unique festival infrastructure of Czech and Prague culture and the Czech musical scene. The inaugural concert is held at Prague Castle on 16 December, on the occasion of the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven, and the closing concert is held on 6 January, an important date in Czech history – the anniversary of the signing of the declaration demanding autonomy for Czechs and Slovaks in 1918.


Long-term Vision

Concept – Contents and Objectives of the Czech Touches of Music IMF

The Czech Touches of Music IMF is a national festival of classical music and is among ten greatest festivals of classical music in the Czech Republic. Its aim is to offer the top repertory works in orchestral or chamber music, or popular music in the crossover genre. The programme concept has the following priorities:

1) Development of the Czech interpretational tradition and Czech composing school – its introductions cover approximately one-half of the festival programme.

2) The Music of the Central European Region project for V4 countries which is in line with the long-term focus of the foreign policy and cultural links of the Czech Republic.

The permanent dramaturgy concept also includes the following:

3) Identification of compositions that are not ordinarily performed and the introduction of Czech composers of the 2nd half of the 20th century and of contemporary music as the followers of the founding personalities of modern Czech music, such as Leoš Janáček, Bohuslav Martinů, Josef Suk and Vítězslav Novák.

4) Regularly providing opportunities for the presentation of the younger generation of musical interpreters (under 35 years of age) – laureates, along with already renowned artists and orchestras, and of compositions by contemporary composers placed within the historical context, including world premieres.

5) Systematically combining culture with tourism, bringing attention to the history and architecture of the premises where the festival is held, as an inseparable part of the presentation of Czech or Prague culture.

6) Introduction of pilot works of world music and the hosting (import) of foreign artists, which often includes preparing Czech music that they can spread all around the world as part of their repertory.


Other features and aspects:

1) The festival regularly presents concerts as part of other special series – Music of Prague Castle, Gems of Russian Music, Concert for Children and Parents, and multi-genre projects involving literature, film, the creative arts and architecture. It is the only Czech festival to have its own eponymous festival chamber orchestra, with the violist Pavel Fischer as its artistic leader.

2)   The ‘Czech Touches of Music’ International Music Festival is a member of the AHF – Association of Music Festivals of the Czech Republic, and a member of the EFA – European Festivals Association. 

3)  Its international dimensions and importance for Czech musical life, its diversity and quality, outrivals most municipal and regional musical institutions and even some national institutions established by the state. In live music art, it is the bearer of the musical traditions of Czech cultural heritage and the high art of composers and interpreters. 


Most important artists and orchestras which had appeared:

Vladimír Fedosejev, Marius Stravinsky, Denés Varjón, Andrej Baranov,  P.I. Tchaikovsky symphony orchestra Moskow, PKF-Prague Philharmony, Prague Symphoniker, Sophia Jaffé, Szolt Hamar, Maria Wloszoczowska, Borodin quartet, Selesian quartet, Bertrand Giroud, Tatjana Samouil,  Claudi Arimany, Ivan Klánský,  Eva Urbanová, PKF - Prague Philharmonia, Petr Vronský, Aleš Bárta, Pavel Šporcl, Václav Hudeček, Jitka Hosprová, Kateřina Englichová, Jiří Bárta, Ivan Ženatý, Jan Talich, Panocha quartet, Ensemble Martinů, Czech Nonet, Jiří Stivín, Iva Bittová, Jarek Nohavica, Miro Žbirka, Dan Bárta etc. 


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